Rory is 6kg!

Rory weighed in at 6kg today! He didn’t exactly crash through, weighing in at 6.00kg but we’ll take it!

His celebratory lunch was pumpkin and potato and this afternoon he had some fun kicking a helium balloon tied to his leg… An activity recommended to me by one of the mums we met in the hospital who had triplets… If it can keep 3 boys happy, it must be worth a try! Aunty Mena will be pleased to hear the balloon is from Party Pop… You were right, a v useful shop! Rory also enjoyed holding the balloon and then watching it shoot up to the ceiling!


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Rory – 27 weeks corrected

After all the excitement of last weekend, you won’t be surprised to hear I don’t have too much to update you on! Rory weighed in at 5.92kg and we had no medical appointments this week. We were meant to see the sleep specialist today to get the full results of the study but that had to be postponed until next week. Oh and Rory was born 9 months ago today and came home from hospital 6 months ago today!

After coming off oxygen on Saturday, Rory has been enjoying prong free sleep and we’ve been enjoying seeing his cheeks! He also celebrated being oxygen-free with dinner out with the Bazaleys who were down for the night from Newcastle.


Post half marathon life has been returning to normal. Rory helped Colman rest and recuperate on Monday morning watching another Rory win a golf tournament.

As usual we’ve had lots of nice walks and Rory chooses some nice spots for a nap too.


He’s really been playing with his feet this week and we’re also giving him a third solid meal in the afternoon which he’s enjoying.


We had a fun visit to Kathleen & Cyril’s house yesterday. Cyril had made Rory a 2 in 1 rocking horse and chair and desk. Here’s Rory trying out the chair and desk part.

He also had a very nice cuddle with his Great Grand (?or is it Great Great?) Aunty Kathleen.
And that’s all for this week! Rory and I went to another music class at the library with Kai and his mum this morning. Photos aren’t allowed but Rory and Kai both enjoyed twinkle twinkle and some dancing!

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Isabelle’s confirmation!

A quick post to wish Isabelle a lovely confirmation day! Hope you all enjoy the day and we wish we could be there to celebrate with you! Looking forward to seeing the pictures!


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Running for Rory

Huge effort from all the Runners for Rory and all Premature Babies this morning. All finished in good times and more importantly raised over $12,500 for our NICU. The whole team raised over $250,000, a massive effort!

Rowena was our fastest finisher with Gordon and Colman hot on her heels. All three finished in under 2 hours. You can just see Colman to the right of the first pic.


Rory had smiles for everyone at the finish line!



Here’s a few pics from the professional photographer (seems like the only one he didn’t catch mid-run was Colman!). The first pic is the entire Running for Premature Babies team!





And finally here’s two pics from the after party. One of Rory with his friend Maggie and then one with Tim who was the neonatologist who looked after Rory on the day he was born (Rory was tired at this point and thought Tim’s jumper would be a good  place for a snooze). Tim runs with the team and conducts the research funded by Running for Premature Babies!


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Rory is oxygen-free!

We got a call this morning from Rory’s sleep specialist. He had reviewed the results of Rory’s midweek sleep study and as we had hoped the data showed a huge improvement! So much that Rory no longer needs his oxygen at night or for his big daytime nap. We’ll still go and get the full results from him on Friday but he can stop using it straight away. We’ll keep some oxygen at home for the next while just in case he picks up a respiratory bug and needs it but for the most part it’s goodbye prongs and tape and hello chubby cheeks!

Here’s Rory when I got off the phone and we told him the news!


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Rory – 6 months old (26 weeks corrected)

Rory turned 6 months corrected yesterday and we’ve had a really busy week!

I’ll get all the medical stuff out of the way first! The biggest job of the week was Rory’s sleep study to assess how his breathing is going and whether he still requires oxygen. His last one was two months ago and since then he’s grown a lot weighing in at 5.87kg this week and 60cm in length. Rory was a trooper getting all the wires attached to his tummy and head. Funnily they now do this thing where they blow bubbles at bedtime to distract the kids when they’re putting on their nasal prongs… One baby was particularly upset but of course Rory is well used to the prongs and now just sees them as an indicator that it’s bedtime! It took him a little bit longer than usual to settle to sleep but he only woke once overnight when a nurse needed to change a probe (on the other hand I tossed and turned on an uncomfortable fold out bed!). We knew that Rory would start off the night without oxygen and then the plan was to turn it on if he needed it… The great news is that they never needed to! His oxygen saturation stayed over 95% for the whole night. We don’t get the full results until we see the sleep specialist at the end of next week but this is a big improvement on last time. Here’s a pic of Rory with his wires attached and a smiley Rory the next morning… He also did very well getting the white gunk off his head this time (the key is soaking it pre-bath). Rory would appreciate if his big cousin Liam could work in college on a new substance for attaching leads to the head… Indeed I’m sure it would be much appreciated by sleep study participants the world over!


Next up medically was Rory’s first jab of the RSV bug for winter. RSV is a particularly nasty respiratory bug that can see premmie babies hospitalised over winter so because Rory is on oxygen he qualifies to get a monthly jab to prevent against it (it costs $2,500 per jab so we’re happy he qualifies for free!). The timing of the jab wasn’t ideal as it was the morning after the sleep study and we were all a big tired (even Colman who’d been awake wondering how we were going!). As it was Rory’s first time getting it, he had to be observed for 2 hours afterwards. He was understandably a bit sad after getting the jab but settled soon enough and then we all hung about in the tv room waiting for the time to pass.


The last medical appointment of the week was physio today. Again the physio was happy with Rory’s progress particularly with sitting which no doubt was helped by his new desk which he’s now sitting at unassisted for about five minutes at a time.

Rory’s buddy Kai called around earlier in the week to pick up his desk and he’s also progressing nicely with sitting. We caught up with Kai again today when we went to a baby music class at the library in Randwick. Both boys seemed to enjoy it although both mums struggled with some of the Australian nursery rhymes!

A big development for Rory this week was his move from bassinette to cot! He was getting too big for the bassinette and once a baby can roll, they’re meant to move out of it. He’s transitioned pretty well to the new sleeping arrangements with just one midnight  wake up on the first night. Here he is trying the cot out for size.


We did some fun things this week too. On Monday we visited everyone in my office. We took the bus in and then had lunch in Hyde Park afterwards. 


We were also very excited to find the cafe near our favourite rock pool has finally reopened after being closed for renovations for the past two years! Based on our first visit we think it might have been worth the wait!


So a very busy week really but before I finish Rory wanted to send his best wishes to his cousin, Katie on her confirmation day. He hopes everyone in Cork enjoyed it. He’s also getting excited about Colman’s half marathon which is on Sunday. No doubt we’ll have some photos to post after that. For now though it must be time for a rest…


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Mother’s Day¬†

An extra post today as it is my very first Mother’s Day! Rory left me a lovely card in his cot and I bought some new pyjamas yesterday… Of course he is the best present by far though!

Colman had his last training run to Centennial Park today. Rory and I met him there for a coffee by the duck pond and Rory even gave a few squeals when he saw the birds.


Rory and I often do this little game where he lies on my knees and I move them back and forth. Today Colman caught a great pic of us!


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Rory Р25 Weeks corrected 

We’ve all had a nice quiet week at this end with no medical appointments. Rory weighed in at 5.78kg which was a great result, up 170g on last week.

With Colman off work for a while, we’re enjoying a bit of a stay-cation. Rory’s routine determines our movements but he’s now able to entertain himself quite nicely in his pram which makes him a good coffee companion (am sure once he’s on the move this will be a thing of the past). Generally as we’re finishing up he likes a bit of a better look around whichever coffee shop we’re in and then we head for a walk followed by a nap. Here’s a few pics from our week of coffees with him (I like the one of he and Colman in profile as they realy look alike in it & John those pics were taken in your favourite coffee shop, Chalk at Maroubra Beach)


Rory and I also caught up with Margie and Archie for a coffee in Bronte and as you can see in the pictures, Rory had a lot to say to Archie. Archie is looking great and has piled on the weight since we saw him last… Only in the premmie world could it be a compliment to say that!

While we were in Bronte, Colman got going on his project for the week… Making a tiny desk for Rory. As I said last week, the physio had recommended one but we couldn’t find the right size anywhere so Colman  decided to make it. Kai’s parents were having the same problem and as Colman had enough wood, he made two as the boys need the same size desk. They are currently drying on the deck and the letters need a final coat of paint so no pic of Rory and Kai at them yet but that should follow this week. Kai had a busy week as he needed what we all hope is his final operation for a while. He came through it great though and it must have been the week for ops as Rory’s other friend Sami is having an op today. Just like in the NICU, this makes us grateful for quiet weeks. By the way, you might notice our battered plants post hailstorm… Succulents and lime trees don’t like hail!

Rory has definitely enjoyed having Colman around midweek and one day they both were wearing red t-shirts and combat pants!

In fact Rory seemed to wear a lot of red this week including these new pyjamas from Ireland which say “seriously cute” in the corner… We agree!

Rory and I also had some clothing matches when we both put our hoodies on before heading out in the cold sunshine yesterday morning.

Of course the other thing that Colman’s been doing is preparing for his half marathon on 17th May and he had a training run along the route last Sunday. Rory also hung out with another of his runners this week, his Aunty Noelle. We’re now over $10,000 in donations which is just great. If anyone is reading who’d still like to donate here’s the link: Running for Rory

I’ll leave you with a short video of a giggly Rory but before I do, Rory would like to say a big happy birthday to his Uncle Barry for tomorrow!

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Rory – 24 weeks corrected

Its been a busy week at this end and between the hail, rolling and hospital appointments I don’t seem to have a huge amount of extra photos on my phone! I’ll find one or two to share with you though I’m sure. Before I forget Rory weighed in at 5.61kg this week so back on track after a flat week last week.

Rory had a catch up with his respiratory doctor on Tuesday. He examined Rory and thought he looked great but there’ll be no way of knowing whether he can come off his oxygen until we do another sleep study in the hospital. That’s scheduled to take place in a fortnights time with results the week after. On Thursday, Rory had to get his regular blood test to check on his thyroid function and then also an ultrasound of his thyroid. The blood test went fine and the results were good too but the ultrasound wasn’t much fun for Rory. You can imagine that someone sticking an ultrasound probe in by your windpipe wouldn’t be very pleasant. Add to that a real dislike of having your neck even washed and we had a very upset Rory who could be heard all around the medical imaging department (no one there would have guessed his lungs weren’t in top working order!). It felt like a long time until we got the ten pictures they needed and we had to have a few cuddles along the way. Thankfully the ultrasound was just a once off as his endocrine doctor is sure it’s fine but just wanted to get a picture of it. We’ll get the results when we see her at the end of May. 

We finished off our hospital week with a visit to the physio today. That’s always much more fun than anything else at the hospital and Rory’s physio and her two students were all very impressed with him. They were delighted to hear about the rolling and also that when placed on his tummy Rory will now pivot around in a circle to get his toys. We are to encourage more rolling and pivoting and also continue to help him with assisted sitting. We all feel he’s gotten a lot stronger at this in the past few weeks and you can see the physio is only holding Rory with her finger tips in the pic below (as he gets tired he needs more help). We’ve been looking for a desk like they have in the physio’s office but haven’t had any luck so Colman is now going to make one! This will encourage Rory to sit more and prop up on his hands.


In fact while it was the week of rolling, all my pictures seem to be of Rory sitting! Here he is watching golf with Colman. While it might look bad that he’s slouching, the physio is happy that he’s propping up on his hand and he’ll become more upright with a bit of help. 

Here he is in his bumbo chair and after waking from a nap.       

The Peppards visited us on Saturday and here Rory is sitting on Shauna’s lap. He also sat on Daire’s lap but I didn’t get a pic unfortunately. 
With Colman off work, we all headed down to the beach for a coffee midweek and Rory enjoyed taking in the view where the council were still working to relocate all the sand after last week’s storm.

Our weather has mostly been pretty wet this week and apparently it was our wettest April in 26 years.  Rory is not a fan of staying indoors all day. A couple of days the rain cleared towards the evening so we quickly got Rory all dressed up and out for a small walk before sunset. In both pictures he’s wearing a woolen jumper knitted by our neighbour Gwen.


Finally Rory wants to wish his cousin James happy birthday for today and his cousin Emma happy birthday for tomorrow!


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Rory rolled!

Rory rolled all on his own this evening! He had a little pause on his side halfway which is where he’s been getting stuck but this time continued onto his tummy. What’s more he repeated it a few minutes later on the floor. I didn’t quite get it recorded but you can see the end of it and a pic of Rory straight afterwards.

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