Rory – 14.5 months corrected

Rory is now 14.5 months corrected. We saw his paediatrician since the last blog entry and he’s really happy with how Rory is progressing in particular developmentally and cognitively. Rory had put on 250g in the previous fortnight now weighing in at 8.31kg which is the 4th centile. Basically he said we’re doing all we can to keep his weight tracking in the right direction by giving him a wide range of high calorie nutritious food and adding all the good oils to it… We just have to keep it up! 

Day to day life has continued much like the last blog post with as much outdoor activity as hot and humid weather allows! Here’s a variety of pics of us out & about. The first is Rory with Shauna who minded him along with Darragh and Val while I had root canal a fortnight ago… Rory has no separation anxiety and just waved me off!

We caught up with a few of Rory’s premmie buddies. Last week we met up with Kai and Sami at the pool. Sami is a climber (not a walker yet) which Rory found very amusing.  

This week we met Kai at a playground in Clovelly and got a very cute video of the boys playing peek-a-boo together. They were both giggling lots before I started recording but this will give you the idea.

Speaking of playgrounds Rory had fun at one in Nelson Bay when we went up for the night to visit Kate last weekend. He also had fun chasing Kate’s cat around her house and we had some yummy food both at Kate’s and the next morning at a really great local cafe. We also got to the beach after the playground so it was an excellent 24 hour trip!

Last weekend sort of felt like a long weekend as Tuesday was Australia Day. We had a nice Scozzie (Scottish-Aussie) afternoon with Shona, Finn and Maggie. Scozzie because Monday was Rabbie Burns day (famous Scottish poet) so Finn made a Scottish dish called Chicken Bonnie Prince Charlie (chicken in a cream with whiskey sauce). 

Once Australia Day is over it’s the official end of summer holidays here so all the schools started back. For us that meant Rory’s swim lessons recommenced on Wednesday. He was keen to get going!

On the home front, the biggest change is that Rory is now officially weaned from breastfeeding. He’s been really good transitioning to a bottle at night. After 17 months of expressing or breastfeeding it was the end of an era!

Rory is now a big help around the house! He particularly enjoys helping with hanging out laundry (on clothes horse due to rainy weather) and also putting it away again. Here he is helping plus a few more pics at home.


And finally the walking, he’s getting there! He’s up to 7-8 steps solo. We’re sure he’s building up to walking up and down the aisles of the plane in 4 weeks time! Here’s some soft sand training from the weekend before last. 


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Rory 3 Steps

Rory has been making progress with walking this week, in particular between the top and bottom half of his high chair (when it’s split in two for cleaning). I’ve been trying to get it on camera but a phone is the best bait so it was hard to do! Here is the end of one attempt which saw him take about 5 steps in total (not all in video) and then another short vid. You can see he’s pretty proud of himself!


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Rory – 14 months corrected

Rory was 14 months corrected yesterday. I weighed him last week and he hadn’t put on any weight in the past four weeks which was a little disappointing but in some ways not surprising as he is so active now. Interestingly none of Rory’s premmie buddies had put on weight in the past 4 weeks… It’s like none of them realised that Christmas  is a time where everyone stacks on some weight! Anyway it’s nice to have other parents to talk to about it and we’re all persevering with lots of calorie dense food which will hopefully get them back on track. The other feeding-related thing we’re doing is weaning from breastfeeding and as of tomorrow we’ll just be down to one feed at nighttime. Rory has had the odd cranky period during the transition and we were lucky to have Cindy and the Kennymen as a distraction for those times at Te end of their trip! He’s not a fan of big quantities of cows milk but he’s certainly getting enough dairy in his diet. Here’s Rory enjoying a calorie-dense banana smoothie for afternoon tea with strawberries, honey, Greek yoghurt and chia seeds. I hadn’t quite realised that the thick texture of the smoothie meant it wouldn’t fit through the spout of his cup so I ended up spoon feeding it to him like a yoghurt which resulted in a big smoothie mess!  

After the Chicago Kennys left and Colman returned to work, Rory and I also felt like we were back to normal although I got the feeling Rory was looking for someone to join us for coffee that first Monday morning!

One nice thing is that Colmna is able to work from home now occasionally in which case we can go out for an early morning coffee with him before he starts work. You might notice Rory wearing jackets one minute and then tshirts the next… We basically had three straight days of pouring rain last week and then three really hot days this week.

And even when we didn’t have sun, we did have shade having finally bought a pop up sun shelter. We popped it up indoors as a wet weather activity and I had all sorts of troubles getting it to collapse until I got the knack of it.



The sun did come back out eventually and we had a fun morning with Maggie at our place and at our local playground. We’ve been going quite a bit and Rory’s enjoying it now. It’s also a good way of distracting Rory from absent afternoon breastfeeds!



We’ve had a couple of trips to the beach too including one with Sarah and Kai at Clovelly where we tried out our sun shelter. In the first pic at Maroubra you can see Rory is following the “slip, slap, slop” sun safety message!
Rory’s also transitioned over the past fortnight to having one big nap a day. Sometimes though, like after a trip to the beach, you can get caught out and fall asleep in the car home!

And Rort and I continue to enjoy trips to the pool. He really gets excited now when we arrive, pointing and wanting to get in the pool. Nana Phils Christmas present of a dressing gown has been very handy after we get out of the water. Rory always sleeps well after the pool and wakes up refreshed!

Today we had Shauna and Darragh (John & Val’s kids) with us for the day. I forgot to take a pic of them with Rory but we did have a fun game of Jenga while he slept!

And finally on the question of walking Rory is making progress (well baby steps). The short video below was taken a few days ago and today he took maybe two steps on his own between the couch and poof. 

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Assisted walking

It’s been a while since I posted a video so I thought I’d upload this little one I took this morning. Rory  is very close to walking by himself but for now still likes the security of holding onto something. He’s been pushing his activity tables around the living room for a while now and uses his walker in his bedroom. This morning he insisted on his walker coming out to the living area and away he went.

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2016 to everyone! Colmán, Rory and I had a quiet New Year’s Eve at home. Our visitors though were right in the heart of the action in the Botanic Gardens and had a fab view of the fireworks at midnight.


Today we kicked off with a new year swim and then met up with Cindy and the Kennymen at Clovelly bowling club for a game of lawn bowls. It’s in a pretty cool spot right on the coast and we think even Barry was jealous when he skyped us from Bangkok where he and Frankie rang in the new year! The victorious bowlers were the team of Cindy and Liam with Colmán and Mikes in second and the “Original Kennys” (John and I) in third spot! It was a beautiful day so afterwards we had a swim in Clovelly while out visitors walked (and swam) their way back to Coogee and then after a pit stop walked on to Maroubra.


To fill in some gaps, we’ve had a fun few days between Christmas and New Year. Highlights include lunch with Kathleen and Cyril at the fish markets and firing up our new BBQ with Shona, Finn and Maggie along with Adam, Ro and their kids and John and Cindys friends Liz & David (who are living in Sydney for six months).


Rory’s been having lots of fun with  his cousins but has been tormenting all of us by how close he is to walking! We all think he could do it but he just won’t let go yet! Here’s just a few pics I took over the past few days


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Boxing Day

Boxing Day in Australia is all about relaxing and watching either the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race or the test cricket and between us and our visitors we covered all those bases. We started off with a coffee at Coogee with those guys and it occurred to me to take a pic at some point and then I got distracted again! We left them to walk over to Bondi where they happened to catch a glimpse of the start of the Sydney  to Hobart yacht race (those dots on the horizon).

Rory had had a little lie in this morning after being awake overnight so we thought he might not need a morning nap but then all went quiet in the back of the car and he was gone! Colmán was happy to have him nap on him for 20 mins while he watched the build up to the first ball in the cricket. Then when Rory went down for his long nap, we both “watched” the cricket (ie napped)!

And then Rory was back up and playing with some of his new toys (this one from Granny & Grandad).


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Christmas Day

After opening Santa presents, Rory skyped all his cousins in Cork to confirm that Santa was on his way. As per tradition, Colmán had Willy Wonka on tv!

Then it was over to Coogee for a lovely brekkie cooked up by Cindy and the Kennymen at their accomodation.

And onto Maroubra for a Christmas morning swim.


John, Val and their kids popped around for a while in the afternoon and then we Rory got some help from his cousins to open some more presents before we had Christmas dinner in the early evening.


After Rory was settled in bed, we settled down for some dessert (my Christmas pudding & mince pies and a quarter of Aunty Kathleen’s cake as iced by John). We finished off the evening with a game of dice where Liam pipped Miles for first place while I had no luck finishing last. All in all it was a really fun day!


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Christmas morning

Santa’s been in Sydney bringing a puzzle, Little People, a book and a Star Wars Night Light!



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Christmas Eve

The sun has been shining and we’ve had a fun Christmas Eve getting ready for tomorrow. John and I haven’t spent a Christmas together in a long time (we think since 1997 maybe) and we had fun recreating this old Christmas photo from around 1984/85 (we didn’t have any 80s fashion so John wore Colman’s Christmas jumper)!



And just one more pic of Colmán and Rory both wearing Star Wars themed t-shirts! 


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Cindy & the Kennymen are here!

You were probably expecting an earlier post about the arrival of the Chicago Kennys and while we had a swim the morning they arrived, it then proceeded to rain torrentially for the next 36 hours! While they were just happy not to be in snow, Sydney was not looking its best! Anyway this morning the rain stopped and they could get on with proper Sydney activities like surfing!

They then finished off a mammoth game of Risk that was started in the rain yesterday.

And of course they have been having lots of fun time playing with Rory. He’s been really enjoying time with his cousins.

While those guys were at their surf lesson we popped around to Sarah and Kai to swop some Christmas presents for the boys. Both enjoyed playing with Kai’s activity table.

And finally there is one more pic to share which was from Noelle’s 30th birthday lunch with all her Aussie based family on Saturday last. Rory enjoyedhelping Noelle celebrate and also wanted to wish his Aunty Caroline happy birthday for last weekend too!


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