Rory – 32 Weeks corrected 

Rory’s had a good week weighing in at a very pleasing 6.45kg up 150g on last week. We saw his paediatrician on Thursday and Rory is now 62.5cm long which means he’s doubled his birth length! Rory’s paediatrician is very happy with his progress, in particular how he’s achieving his milestones and is so bright and alert. He agrees that we’ve found a good balance between milk and solid feeds and wants us to continue giving Rory the same amount of milk for the time being rather than weaning him further as you might do a full term baby. We can go full steam ahead on the food front and start to introduce some meat protein. Rory had his first taste of fish this week which he seemed to enjoy – it was cod with carrots, broccoli, peas and cheese. I’ve also cooked up a huge pot of chicken stock which is the base for many of his baby recipes. Colman took a picture halfway through the preparation stage at which point I was half cursing Shona for giving me the book! Rory is looking at me a little quizzically I think!


We did another nighttime test to see how Rory’s going without oxygen and as usual it’s Friday afternoon and we’re waiting on his Irish respiratory doctor to ring with the results! From our perspective it seemed pretty good and the foot probe was better attached. Rory slept until 4am too so it was a less disturbed night for us all. Generally Rory is waking less at night this week which we’ll enjoy for now. 

Rory started off the week watching the end of the U.S. Open with Colman! You might notice some new clothes over the next few weeks as he’s broken into the 00 or 3-6 month clothes range. Here he’s wearing a pair of new pyjamas. 

Midweek we caught up with Rory’s premmie buddies Kai and Sami at Sami’s house. The boys enjoyed checking each other out and are all sitting now at various degrees of stability!



Speaking of core strength we took some pictures of an exercise our physio gave us and sent it onto Rory’s twin friends Cara & Mia who now live back in Scotland. It led to some pretty cute pics!


Oh and remember that bath from last week, well while Rory tolerated it quite well the first time, now he descends into tears when he sees it! So we’re trying to acclimatise him to it by putting him in it fully clothed as in the garden today! Hopefully soon we can add water again!

And finally here’s a few pics of Rory on the floor and just now hanging out on the couch with Colman where they’ve just been having a tickle and a laugh while I type (although for some reason they both look quite serious)!


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Rory – 31 weeks corrected

Rory had a good week with no medical appointments. He weighed in at 6.3kg on Tuesday which is a particular milestone for both of Rory’s Grandads who have been eagerly waiting for him to hit the one stone mark. Actually while I’m mentioning both Grandads, we’ll say happy Father’s day for Sunday to them both (Father’s Day is in September here). While we were weighing Rory, a nurse walked by and said we should take a photo as he was looking so cute on the scales (he prefers being on his tummy on the scales and it gives the same result).

We were out and about as usual this week making a Monday morning trip to our favourite cafe in Maroubra.

On Tuesday we went to a soggy Bondi to meet with my mum’s cousin, Carmel, her husband Ger and their two boys Vo Vo and Luca who were inSydney  this week as part of a huge three month holiday that they’re on. The last time I saw Carmel was when I was about 10 and she would bring me on the train from Dublin to Cork when she was going home for the weekend and I was going to spend a week with Nan! It was great to catch up and hear about their trip so far and inevitably feel envious of all that they’re about to do (Alice Springs, the Ghan train, Darwin, Kakadu and the East Coast drive all before heading to South America). The rain they had in Sydney this week will probably be their last for a while.

Back at home, Rory is just loving sitting up on his own now and is happy to sit and play with a toy for a while. Occasionally he topples over hence all the cushions.

He continues to wake once at night for a feed but generally then sleeps till between 6 and 7am. The other morning, he spat up on his pyjamas and seemed to get a laugh out of taking Colman’s spot in the bed while Colman went and got him a change of clothes.

And the last bit of news this week is that Rory has a new bath. We only have a shower in our house and Rory didn’t have much room to move in his baby bath so some research on line led me to the inflatable baby bath option which we can put at the bottom of our shower cubicle. Rory enjoyed trying it out for size although got a fright when he was popped in it last night.

And finally here’s proof if you needed it that Colman has time on his hands at the moment! That said I’m sure you won’t complain about another funny video.

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Everyday Steps

I was going to include these pictures in my usual weekly update but I think it’s deserving of its own post and I know no one will complain about extra pics!
Our friend Peter’s son Tim is currently undertaking a massive walk from the southernmost tip of Australia to the northernmost. He’s taking these “everyday steps” in aide of the charity Lifeline after facing his own struggle with depression a few years back. You can read more in this article written by Peter: Everyday Steps article 

Last week Tim passed the halfway mark and has now walked over 3,000km or the distance from Cork to Kiev as Peter told us! To celebrate with Tim, a gang of his friends arranged to meet up and have a stroll around the 3km circuit of Centennial Park on Sunday. Here we are about to head off with Shona & Maggie. 

Maggie got waylaid by a fairy partway around… Her message was that there is no such thing as a dog poo fairy so clean up after your dog!!


Maggie was on her scooter for a bit of the walk and later found a better mode of transport on Colman’s shoulders!


Here’s a group shot plus a pic of Tim’s littlest supporter who was happy in his pram throughout!


After the walk and a long wait for coffee that is almost inexcusable in Sydney, Rory showed off his sitting skills to Peter and Suzie. It was a really nice morning and we’ll all be cheering Tim on for the remainder of his everyday steps!


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Rory – 30 Weeks corrected (7 months)

Rory is 30 weeks corrected today and will be 7 months corrected on Sunday. He weighed in this week at 6.18kg which was a nice increase of 130g on last week and it feels like we’ve got a better routine going with milk and solid feeds to make sure he gets as many calories as possible! 

We saw Rory’s respiratory specialist this week who was happy with how Rory has been going off oxygen. We did take home a monitor for one night as a random check of how he’s saturating at night as apparently some babies can get tired after being off oxygen for a few weeks. It was a bit of a broken night for us all as Rory wasn’t keen on having a probe on his foot so he woke up a few times. We’re still waiting to hear the results but working on the basis that no news is good news. In other respiratory matters, Rory had his second winter RSV jab on Thursday. He gave a good scream when it went in but was smiling at the nurses shortly afterwards!

We also had a physio appointment this week and she was just delighted to hear and see Rory’s progress with sitting. He can pretty much sit unassisted now for up to 10 minutes and is able to play with a toy for a little while without throwing himself off balance. Speaking of balance, Rory’s physio’s advice was now that he can sit , we should tip/push him gently from side to side and front to back so that he initially puts his hand out to stop himself falling and then engages his oblique core muscles… It seems a bit mean to push him off balance when he’s just got the hang of it but I guess it’ll help! Here’s a happy Rory sitting under his playmat surrounded by a few pillows just in case.


Rewinding a small bit, we had a busy enough Queen’s birthday long weekend. Shona, Finn and Maggie came over for early dinner on Saturday. Rory showed off his sitting skills and then watched a bit of footy with Finn. 


Rory had two new experiences last weekend. Firstly we tried putting some shoes on him to see if it would help keep his socks on as we’re constantly picking them up… Instead he kicked off the shoes but they did look pretty cute for a bit!


Rory also made the move to using Maggie’s old high chair last weekend and enjoyed being up and part of the action on Saturday and then again when John, Val and the kids came over on Sunday for pizza. 



Earlier on Sunday, while Colman was golfing, Rory and I took a trip to La Perouse. Rory had a nice nap while I had a rare treat of reading the paper with coffee. Then we had a walk and while I enjoyed the scenery, Rory had eyes for his toys. In fact it was so nice we took out the picnic blanket and had a bit of a play.


Finally I’ve been trying on and off this week to get a photo of Rory’s first tooth for you all. He kept hiding it again when he saw the camera but it did lead to some pretty cute shots. Finally this morning I had success and you can just see it in the last pic. 




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Rory sitting

As promised here is Rory mastering sitting.  This was taken on Wednesday and since then he’s improved no end. Setting and then repeatedly smashing personal bests!

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Bonus video

So I asked Colman for some help in sorting out the video of Rory sitting last week… it turns out the file size was too big to be uploaded to the blog (we had taken the video on Colman’s iPhone 6 rather than my older iPhone!).  This video of Rory’s time in hospital is what he came back with!  It was something he’d intended to put together ahead of the half marathon but the software is tricky to use.  Now he’s got his head around it though, he promises he’ll get the sitting video for me tomorrow!

Beware this video brings you right back to the early days when Rory was born! Also the quality isn’t top notch when you enlarge the screen as he had to compress the size in order to get it on the blog. Finally the reason for the choice of song is that it was my & Rory’s song while I was pregnant!

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Rory – 29 Weeks corrected

We’ve had a fairly relaxed week here free of any hospital appointments. Rory weighed in at 6.05kg which is only 50g up from last week but the nurse at the family health clinic said once babies are between 6 and 9 months old, their growth generally falls to between 50 and 100g per week. Obviously we’d prefer to see Rory at the top of that range but he’s continuing to gain weight and that’s the main thing. Speaking of weight, Kai’s mum, Sarah and I went out the other night to celebrate both boys cracking 6kg! It’s a long way from their starting weights nine months ago! Strangely Rory chose to wear these pyjamas the night I went out! (He did wear his I love Daddy ones the next night but no mention of the moon!) Rory has been totally engrossed by his feet this week and loves to catch hold of them. He also continues to be a very nice coffee companion! Mostly though this week has been dominated by Rory making huge progress with his sitting. It started oddly enough when I had a music channel on last weekend. Rory just sat unassisted and laughed at poor old Miley Cyrus as she cried … I think he liked how her face filled the screen and her bright lipstick. We continued to do the little trick the physio showed us where Rory kneels and props himself up with his hands. Here he is smiling up at Colman. It must have helped as by Wednesday he was sitting for a little while on his own and by the end of the week his personal best is just over 2 minutes!


I have some videos of Rory practising his sitting but for some reason I can’t upload any just now.  I’ll try again a bit later as it may be they are just a bit long.

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Rory – 28 weeks corrected

Along with cracking 6kg, an exciting development this week was that the jagged tip of Rory’s first tooth popped through on his bottom gum! While its hard to get a good look at it, it’s very sharp! Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be causing him any discomfort and if anything he seems to be a bit fascinated by it. That said, he has been waking once each night for the past week or so. Between the move to the cot, coming off oxygen, increasing to 3 solid feeds a day and the tooth coming through, it’s fairly hard to pinpoint the exact cause but thankfully a quick feed settles him back to sleep within 15 minutes. Rory is still all smiles in the morning (here doing something a little odd with his tongue)!

Last weekend we caught up with Margie, Mark and Archie for brunch at the beach. Both boys are keeping well although both were a little on the tired side when we took this photo! Archie was wearing some very cool shoes … Rory is not a fan of getting clothes on so we’ll stick with socks for now!

Otherwise it was a quiet week apart from a very busy day of appointments on Thursday. It kicked off with an early morning blood test so that the results would be available for our appointment with the endocrine specialist later in the day. Rory is so good with getting his blood taken and didn’t even cry out when the needle went in. In fact we get a lot more tears when we put a jumper on him! 

After some time back home and getting Rory dressed for the day, next up was a catch up with Rory’s  physio who’s happy with his progress in the past fortnight. He’s definitely a lot better at sitting upright but he just needs to use his hands to steady himself a little more… In the first picture below he’s propping his hand on his leg but often he prefers to use both hands to play with things or stick in his mouth which will be fine when he’s more balanced but now means he topples over! The physio suggested putting him in the position in the second two pictures  below to encourage him to prop on his arms more. This position will also be useful down the track when he’s learning to crawl.

Next up we were in to see the endocrine specialist. Rory’s blood results were all good from the morning’s test and he now only needs tests every second month. We also got the results of his thyroid ultrasound a few weeks back and there were no abnormalities there. All up, the specialist was delighted with how he’s going and we just need to see her again towards the end of the year. After discussing Rory’s diet with the endocrine specialist and of course the topic of diabetes, Colman and I were inspired to have a healthy lunch… Well not at all actually! We went to the newly opened Traditional Chip Shop in the Spot. Finally someone has tapped into the huge British and Irish population in the eastern suburbs and opened up proper chippers with proper chips in Bondi and Randwick! It’s so good and we’re just lucky it wasn’t open when Rory was in hospital or it would have been our downfall!

After our late lunch pit stop, our last appointment of the day was with the Sleep Specialist in Bondi. He just wanted to know what we’d done with Rory to see such a big improvement between the sleep study in March versus May! Rory’s blood oxygen rate stayed above 95% all night long which is exactly where they wanted to see it. He has some very mild sleep apnea at a level that you wouldn’t treat it but we’ll probably do another sleep study in 2-3 months just to make sure that’s not getting any worse. The sleep specialist has also recommended that we take home a monitor in a couple of weeks to do a random check of how Rory’s going overnight. They don’t expect any issues after such great results but understandably, they’re a cautious bunch.  After such a busy day and a broken afternoon nap, Rory was happy to hang out on the couch and watch some golf.


And that’s it for this week. Here’s another two cute photos just because.


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Rory is 6kg!

Rory weighed in at 6kg today! He didn’t exactly crash through, weighing in at 6.00kg but we’ll take it!

His celebratory lunch was pumpkin and potato and this afternoon he had some fun kicking a helium balloon tied to his leg… An activity recommended to me by one of the mums we met in the hospital who had triplets… If it can keep 3 boys happy, it must be worth a try! Aunty Mena will be pleased to hear the balloon is from Party Pop… You were right, a v useful shop! Rory also enjoyed holding the balloon and then watching it shoot up to the ceiling!


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Rory – 27 weeks corrected

After all the excitement of last weekend, you won’t be surprised to hear I don’t have too much to update you on! Rory weighed in at 5.92kg and we had no medical appointments this week. We were meant to see the sleep specialist today to get the full results of the study but that had to be postponed until next week. Oh and Rory was born 9 months ago today and came home from hospital 6 months ago today!

After coming off oxygen on Saturday, Rory has been enjoying prong free sleep and we’ve been enjoying seeing his cheeks! He also celebrated being oxygen-free with dinner out with the Bazaleys who were down for the night from Newcastle.


Post half marathon life has been returning to normal. Rory helped Colman rest and recuperate on Monday morning watching another Rory win a golf tournament.

As usual we’ve had lots of nice walks and Rory chooses some nice spots for a nap too.


He’s really been playing with his feet this week and we’re also giving him a third solid meal in the afternoon which he’s enjoying.


We had a fun visit to Kathleen & Cyril’s house yesterday. Cyril had made Rory a 2 in 1 rocking horse and chair and desk. Here’s Rory trying out the chair and desk part.

He also had a very nice cuddle with his Great Grand (?or is it Great Great?) Aunty Kathleen.
And that’s all for this week! Rory and I went to another music class at the library with Kai and his mum this morning. Photos aren’t allowed but Rory and Kai both enjoyed twinkle twinkle and some dancing!

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