Rory – 12.5 months corrected

I’m not sure if you were all expecting a post this week or not after my reference to fortnightly blog entries but I thought posting today would fit in nicely with Rory being 12.5 months corrected… We’ll take it fortnightly from here with the odd random post thrown in of course!

We had a busy-ish weekend starting off with a fundraising BBQ Shona and Finn had organised in aid of prostate cancer. They raised about $2,000 and it was a fun afternoon. Rory and Granny & Grandad came along later in the afternoon after Rory’s nap so I don’t have any photos of them at it but I do have some cute photos of Rory messing around with Colman in his tonka truck!

Of course we also had to say goodbye to Granny & Grandad on Sunday night. We had a great time with them and we’ve already been skyping from both Abu Dhabi & Dublin. Here’s Rory going on a last evening walk with Granny & Grandad and then going to them for a cuddle just before bedtime (he had a big smile on his face as I clicked but I just missed it)! Rory will be looking forward to seeing all his Irish relatives in March.

So come Monday morning, Rory and I were back on our own during working hours! We ended up having quite a summery feeling to the week  with lots of time outdoors. We started the week with a coffee at the beach. Rory now enjoys standing up against his pram and as you can see is getting confident holding on with just one hand.

Tuesday was a beautiful day so we headed to Clovelly beach for a play date with Sarah and Kai (the side benefit being we can also both have a swim while the other minds the boys). Kai led the way in the bravery stakes loving the feel of sand but Rory was still very suspicious of it preferring to hang out in the tent!

Later in the week I thought I’d try to gently introduce Rory to sand by putting crackers in a food processor and letting him play with them. Initially he wasn’t very keen on it but soon enough there was cracker dust all over the deck and if we have an ant infestation I’ll be entirely to blame!

Later in the week when it was too hot to go outside (38deg Celsius) we tried the same thing with ice. You can see I was better prepared with a towel this time! The ice didn’t stay on the towel but at least I had it to dry up as we went.



Rory also started week 1 of swimming lessons this week (we’re jumping in at the end of term so will only have four weeks). Here he is before the lesson…


And here he is afterwards…


A little shell shocked! It wasn’t that bad and in fact he was tolerating it quite well up until the instructor dunked his head! She suggested we come back midweek so he gets used to the whole environment so we went back the next day and he enjoyed playing in the toddler pool and then coming in the big pool with me. Here we are after drying off and the next day when a very hot wind was blowing Rory’s hair. 


By this morning and without Granny & Grandad around I was getting in need of a helper so luckily Maggie came around for a few hours while Shona nipped into work. She definitely kept Rory entertained!


After Maggie left we visited another buddy of Rory’s and picked up an activity table we’d loaned them. Rory was happy to see it back and once home we had lunch on the deck.


All in all Rory was a very cool kid all week!


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Rory is home 1 year!

Rory came home a year ago yesterday and a friend suggested we recreate the photo below…


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Rory – 1 year & 1 week corrected!!

We’ve had a really busy week with a whole lot of appointments. Firstly Rory weighed in at 7.85kg this morning and is 69.6cm long. 

The week kicked off with an audiology appointment first thing on Monday morning. Rory had passed the newborn hearing screen but due to his prematurity, a follow up appointment was recommended. We had no concerns about Rory’s hearing and sure enough he responded to the lowest level of sounds played during the test (even if he was a bit scared of the puppets they used for the test)! We do need to go back in a couple of months for one test to be repeated because as the report said “Rory was not compliant with the testing” ie he squirmed too much to get a reading… I’m not sure how this will be resolved in three months but we’ll see!

Tuesday morning we had Rory’s big growth and development check up which compared Rory to the average full term baby. Rory had a quick nap before the test and it was just as well as it consisted of a pretty long assessment by a clinical psychologist where she got him to play with toy after toy and then a paediatrician joined us while Rory showed off his crawling and walking skills. Rory actually really enjoyed all the tests and surprised us and the people doing the assessment with some of the things he could do, including finding hidden objects, putting pegs in and out of a board and coins in a money box. We got a brief summary of the findings at the end and Rory is within the average range of 1yr olds for his movement and verbal skills but above average for his cognitive skills… A great result! While we were told that the results at 1 are not an indicator of how he’ll be at 3 or 5yrs of age, he’s developing really well to date. We thought we would have to go back when Rory was 2 but because no issues were identified we’ll see them again when Rory is 3 and then when he’s starting school.

Later on Tuesday we met Rory’s respiratory doctor. While the sleep study results last time weren’t perfect, Rory is improving overall and time is the key. We agreed we’d do an at home overnight oxygen saturation test in February and then see our doctor again before deciding whether or not another sleep study is warranted. And finally we saw Rory’s endocrine specialist today. They were also happy with how he’s going so he will just continue as is with his thyroxine and blood tests every second month. 

So it was all in all a good week from a medical perspective and it’s nice to have all those appointments out of the way and not many on the horizon. After the hospital today, we escaped down to the beach where Rory played in the shade with Granny & Grandad and I had a swim.

Our temperatures are around 40degrees today so we had to be out early and home before it got too hot. Rory even made Granny and Grandad have their breakfast on the deck (it only dropped down to 20 degrees overnight)!

You can see we created a temporary fort for Rory on the deck as the boards can be a bit too hot for him to crawl on and obviously he doesn’t know to stay in the shade. He’s not always locked in though!

Some new things this week… Firstly Rory’s had fun playing with a truck that Shona, Finn and Maggie bought him although the clothes pegs also remain a firm favourite!  

And Rory had his first go in a shopping trolley (with cover inserted by crazy mother still paranoid about germs)!

And he’s also started gesturing to ask where things are? We can credit Colmán with teaching him this one. I tried to get a photo with both hands up but only managed one. Here he had put the ball behind the curtain and was asking where it was before pointing for me to get it. 
That’s it for this week. All these tests and learning new things is sleepy work!


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Happy Corrected 1st Birthday Rory!

Just a few pics from Rory’s corrected first birthday party yesterday. It was a fun afternoon!

While Rory enjoyed the day, he seemed a little confused at cake time perhaps wondering why this was his second one of the year!!



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Rory – 12 months corrected tomorrow!

Rory is 12 months corrected tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that even his corrected age is 1 now. That said he’s certainly transitioning from being a baby to a toddler! Speaking of transitions, its probably time that this blog transitions from a weekly update to fortnightly… Thankfully with everything going so well for Rory there isn’t as much to update you all on each week! Don’t panic though, I won’t pull the plug immediately and will give you an update next week as we have lots of appointments next week all scheduled around Rory’s one year corrected birthday. They include a hearing test, growth and development assessment and appointments with Rory’s respiratory and endocrine specialists. We’re also having a little 1yr corrected party tomorrow… Yes an excuse for a get-together!

Anyway back to this week. Firstly Rory regained most of the weight he lost and is now 7.72kg. His sleep has also improved although Rory never minds an early wake up call… Here he is at 5:53am last Saturday morning!

On Sunday morning, Rory took Granny & Grandad to yum cha. He had a tiny bit of pastry but otherwise enjoyed looking at us  eating and the other people in the restaurant.

We had a mixed week of weather with some storms but when it was nice we got out in it and fitted in a couple of swims too. Rory loves pulling apart my handbag when we’re out and about! He even got Kai onto it after music class today (and yes I still carry a lot of hand sanitisers)!


At home, Rory acquired a new skill of stacking boxes. Up to this he’s  enjoyed knocking them down and putting them into one another. 

I think I never quite understood the phrase “into everything” as much as I do now! Rory is truely up on his feet and investigating everything!

All of this activity does mean Rory needs his sleep. There’s been some resistance to his daytime nap at times as he’s figured out how to stand up in his cot but thankfully he always gets there in the end & wakes up happier for it!


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Rory – 11.75 months corrected

We’ve had a fairly quiet week this end with a few wet days meaning we’ve been indoors a bit more than usual. Rory has had a good week with much improved sleep after having his two front top teeth pop through last week. You can almost see them in this pic of Rory yawning after waking from his short morning nap.

The weather was a bit cold along with being wet a few days. The upside was that Rory got to wear these very cute dungarees from Nan. He’s playing underneath his high chair where he likes to hang out sometimes.

Rory has really improved in standing up this week with a lot less falls and bumps to the head. He also managed to walk or “cruise” around our poof with a bit of temptation from the boxes and encouragement from Granny and Grandad.



After Melbourne Cup on Tuesday, Rory had fun shredding Grandads form guide in the paper. I didn’t quite capture his excitement in these pics but he was really enjoying himself and had very black hands afterwards.


But this was definitely Rory’s favourite place to stand up all week. Eagle eyed readers will spit the cricket on the telly but really Rory just loves the flashing lights of the Foxtel, DVD player and modem. He also loves pulling out all our DVDs and does not like to be moved away from the area!

Thursday was my birthday and I had a lovely day with Colmán, Rory, Mom and Dad. I started the morning with coffee and cake with Sarah and Kai in Coogee and ended it with dinner out with Colmán locally. We’re taking advantage of having live in babysitters and are heading out for dinner with Shona and Finn tonight. The first pic shows a squirmy Rory with me, Sarah and Kai He was much happier standing up at the low coffee table in the cafe at Coogee. We saw Sarah and Kai again today when the boys graduated to the next age group at music class. They’re definitely the smallest pair in the 12 month + class but they really enjoyed it.


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Rory – 11.5 months corrected

Rory is 11.5 months corrected this week. Unfortunately he lost some weight in the past fortnight and is back down to 7.55kg. In many ways it’s no surprise that he’s lost weight as he is so active and also his spoon-feeding objections continue so it is more challenging to get calories into him. Most babies’ weight does slow down dramatically around 12 months, it’s just in Rory’s case, he doesn’t have any chubbiness to lose! Still we are persevering and I’ve been cooking up lots of finger foods for him while Granny has been trying a few old spoon feeding tricks on him which have had some success too. We’re also trying to make sure that mealtimes are still enjoyable even if all we want to do is shovel more food in! Here’s Rory having a laugh with Colmán.

You can see Rory’s two bottom teeth in the picture above which he’s had for the past few months. This week one of his top teeth has popped through along with a sighting of one more today. We’re not sure if it’s related but Rory’s night sleep has been quite disturbed all week resulting in us considering 5:30 a lie in! Here’s Rory settling in for a daytime nap.

After the robbery last week we’ve made some improvements to home security!

The baby gate has been very handy for keeping Rory out of the kitchen and he still has lots of space to crawl around in along with his bedroom. He’s getting steadier standing each day and is becoming more cautious as he sits back down. That’s not to say he hasn’t had a lot of bumps to the head in the past week!

We’ve had mostly good weather this week so we’ve gotten to the beach a few days and Rory continues to have great fun with Granny and Grandad. From today they’ll be staying with us for the rest of their trip as Uncle Neilo and Aunty Noelle arrive back in Sydney. 


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Rory – 11.25 months corrected

We’ve had a couple of not so good things happen this week but thankfully none of them relate to Rory! Firstly we had an incident with a lost & thankfully found wallet and then yesterday we had a break in at our house with a lot of jewellery, our laptop and other bits and pieces stolen (including a bottle of Coke from the fridge!). The good news is that none of us were in the house when it happened and while a lot of stuff was pulled out of cupboards, they left Rory’s room alone. The police were also really helpful and it’s all stuff that can be replaced under our insurance. 
Anyway back to better news. Last weekend Kathleen & Cyril came over to see Mom & Dad and of course Rory!

Rory’s been having lots of fun with Granny & Grandad and has shown them his favourite places around Maroubra!

On the home front, Rory’s battle with the spoon continues. Here he is very unhappy with my attempts to spoon feed him weetabix and happier with a fritatta (he also happily ate cheese on toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast).

Rory’s crawling faster all the time but every time one of us turned around towards the end of this week, he was pulling himself upright.  This has resulted in a couple of bumps to the head! We met his physio today who, despite Rory being uncooperative at the appointment, was impressed with his progress and gave us some tips to help him stand up and sit back down a bit more elegantly!

Rory’s also babbling more and more each day with ba ba being a favourite when people say bye bye! Here’s just two cute pics to finish off.


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Rory – 11 months corrected 

Rory was 11 months corrected on Wednesday and weighed in at 7.76kg which is another good weight gain over the past fortnight. 

We had a quiet start to the week with Rory discovering another new spot under the dining table!

The weather has been generally good so Rory and I were out in the garden and he was clambering all over me to get my phone!

Midweek Rory flexed his toddler-muscles and decided that he was done with spoon-feeding and that he wanted to feed himself everything which led to some very messy meals.

We seem to have come to a compromise though and he’s now starting each meal with some finger food and then consenting to a spoon feeding portion before a few more finger foods to finish up. He’s actually got quite good at finger food lately. The challenge is to keep up the calorie content of the food he’s getting while letting him eat more himself. Here he is happily eating a chunk of banana.

But of course the big focus of the week was the arrival of Granny & Grandad! They arrived Wednesday night when Rory was already asleep but he had a great time playing with them on Thursday and Friday. He showed off his crawling, standing and babbling skills and was very lucky that they had brought him some new toys to play with. He’s looking forward to seeing lots of Granny & Grandad over the coming few weeks!


And a few Friday evening additions to finish off… A family selfie and is this the first O’Driscoll ever to appreciate Colman’s flute playing?



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Rory – 10.75 months corrected

No medical news this week so I’ll start with where we finished off last week, Jervis Bay, a beautiful big calm bay about 2.5hrs south of Sydney. We had a really fun weekend away with birthday girl Suzie and Peter. We didn’t actually do an awful lot other than hang out on the deck of the holiday house, have a walk or a swim on the beach, eat loads and watch a fair bit of sport (grand finals in AFL & NRL and two rugby World Cup matches). Really the best thing was to sit in the shade of the deck and feel like you’d spent a day at the beach without worrying about sand or sunscreen. That’s not to say Rory didn’t take his sun protection seriously wearing a rash shirt (a rashie), sunscreen and a hat. He also liked hanging out under the shade of the table on the deck. And it was hot! 30s in Jervis Bay and up to 37 in Sydney.

We enjoyed some nice walks on the beach and Rory liked watching all the kids play in the sand and sea.

So we thought Rory might like to experience sand for the first time but boy were we wrong! Jervis Bay is famed for its white clean sand but Colmán popped him down on it and this was the result! And no it wasn’t hot… This was later in the day when the sand was in shade and cool.

He was much happier back on Colman’s knees and peeping at Peter. Nothing would persuade him sand was worth trying again even me playing with his cups!

Coming back up from the beach we spotted this 1.5 metre diamond Python snake heading under our house. A local told us not to worry about it and a quick google told us it wasn’t venomous… Don’t you love Australia!

The next day we were up early to watch England play Australia and caught this beautiful sunrise. Otherwise it was more of the same… Deck, walk, swim!

We came back up to a stinking hot Sydney on Monday and on Tuesday after Colmán got back from work we brought Rory down to the beach and Colman tried him out on the Maroubra sand… He was still a bit hesitant but I’m told enjoyed it more. 

By Wednesday a very welcome cool change had come through and we were back to more normal activities. I thought he was just about to nod off at the shops and then I saw his sock being pulled off! He was gone a few minutes later though!

Around the house Rory has been pulling himself up more, is into EVERYTHING and has learned to wave!

The reason Rory’s high chair is in the bedroom is that we’re getting double glazing in today so the house is in a heap!

Rory and I have been pretty much evicted so after lunch by the local playground we thought we might as well have another new experience and try out the swings. Rory enjoyed it for a few minutes and then wanted to get off quite quickly! He enjoyed the see saw as well (where we took this selfie).

Rory just wanted me to finish off by saying Bon voyage to Neil and Noelle who fly home to Ireland on holidays today! He says to say hi to all his relos in Cork and thanks for letting Granny & Grandad stay in your apartment… He’s looking forward to seeing them next week!

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