Rory – 9.75 months corrected

We’ve had a very busy week at this end between saying goodbye to the Buckleys, celebrating friends’ birthdays and also fitting in a sleep study and 12 month vaccinations!

I’ll finish off on the Buckeys trip for starters. Last Friday night we had an early dinner out with them in Bondi and Rory really enjoyed the fancy high chair they had in Bills Restaurant. Saturday morning we said our final farewells with breakfast at Coogee beach before they headed off for their trip home.

On Sunday we did have plans to catch up with Rory’s NICU buddies at the beach to celebrate their Aug/Sept birthdays and while it was a lovely day there was a cold breeze so we ended up hosting the party at home. Our numbers were reduced a little when Flynn’s family had car trouble and couldn’t make it which was a shame but we happily celebrated with Sami & Kai. Rory was very happy to be the host!

Kai’s mum Sarah made the cake and it was a big job keeping the boys from attacking it. All the mums enjoyed some champagne to celebrate and the dads were there too, celebrating off camera.


Rory has been playing with some of the toys he got for his birthday and like all babies of course enjoyed playing with the boxes too.

Rory has also really started showing an interest in standing up! He’s not at the stage where he’s taking any steps but he’s certainly enjoying clambering all over us at the moment and is very proud of himself when we help him stand. We saw his physio on Thursday and she was impressed with how he’s transitioning from different positions like from sitting to his tummy and back again and she gave us some tips to encourage him further.

Thursday was a busy hospital day but oddly social too (it’s probably a worry when you do your socialising at a Children’s Hospital). After physio we bumped into two NICU buddies there for various procedures and appointments and also met a couple of doctors we know too. We were back in the evening for Rory’s sleep study. Rory was very patient with the nurses putting on all the probes and wires and was grown up enough to have all the cables put in a little Bob the Builder backpack until bedtime (previously he’s just had them wrapped in a pillowcase as he wasn’t on the move as much). The night went ok with Rory sleeping very well up until midnight but thereafter he had a couple of times where he woke after either banging his head on the cot or getting himself all tangled up in the wires. He didn’t need oxygen turned on but that would have been very surprising. We’ll get the full results of the study in a few weeks when the data is analysed and we see his sleep specialist. 

This morning Rory was very patient while we got all the gunk off his head in the bath. We were then back up to Randwick to see our GP for his 12 month vaccinations. Rory gave a good scream after each jab but cheered right up afterwards when we headed to our usual music/singalong class afterwards.  Understandably he has been a bit on the sleepy side this afternoon.


Finally this week, Rory would like to say a very happy birthday to his Granda Con… He thought you might like to see him feeding himself a nice crunchy corn stick!


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Rory – 9.5 months corrected

Rory has recovered really well after being unwell last week – in fact you wouldn’t even know he had been sick as he’s rarely coughing. We saw his respiratory doctor on Tuesday for a routine check up and he thought Rory’s chest sounded good and clear which was reassuring to here. We also got the results from the tests undertaken by Mossman hospital and it was negative for any virus so it was most likely a bacterial infection which the antibiotics would have helped with. The great thing is how well Rory dealt with his first chest infection. After seeing his respiratory doctor, we now have a sleep study scheduled for next week (it was meant to take place sometime in August).

Getting back to our holiday, once the official birthday celebrations were over on Saturday, we got on with what we were there to do… Relaxing and hanging out by the pool! 


On Sunday the Buckleys headed off on a reef tour while we had a chilled out day around the house. We took a little stroll up the road for a coffee (while Rory napped) and then popped him in the baby carrier for a walk on the beach. 

Far too soon though it was time to pack up again and head to the airport. Rory made sure to get us up nice and early for the flight! He was a little tired and unhappy when we took off at lunchtime but then slept for 2 of the 3 hours we were onboard.

Back home life returned to normal although Rory did have a few new toys to play with thanks to the many birthday gifts he received (he continues to commando crawl backwards)! He’ll also have some new clothes to wear over the coming months. 

We also spent a bit of time playing in his room so he can get used to it before we finally move his cot in there after this sleep study. Rory enjoyed spending time in there and in particular looking at his birthday cards on top of the bookcase.

The Buckleys arrived back in Sydney on Wednesday night and we caught up with them in Coogee. Today we got Aine’s selfie stick out… It was a little hard getting Rory to focus on it though! They fly out tomorrow and we’ll be sorry to see them go. Rory’s really enjoyed spending time with his cousins over the past few weeks and it’s made him excited at the idea of seeing his U.S. cousins at Christmas and going to Ireland and seeing all the rest of his cousins next year. He wishes all his cousins good luck as they return to new school and college years next week… He thinks the Buckleys might struggle the most with school on Monday!


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Rory’s first year in 7 minutes!

Here’s the promised video… Beware it contains some of Rory’s earliest pics and I think Colman deliberately tried to make it emotional! I promise we won’t have any more NICU pics for a while.

It’s on You Tube as it was too big to upload here. 

Rory’s first year

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Happy Birthday Rory!

Rory was born a year ago today!! Our plan was to wake up And celebrate here…

But instead we woke up here, Mossman District Hospital.

To go back a step, our flight up to Queensland went really well and Rory was pretty chilled out during take off and landing with the help of a dummy just in case his ears gave him any trouble.

Rory slept great at the holiday house we rented but did vomit up his first breastfeed of the day and his porridge which is very unlike him. Still he was in great form and enjoyed seeing his cousins in the pool and playing with his toys in a different spot.

But then around mid morning he had another vomit while coughing and wasn’t in such good spirits so we decided to take him off to hospital to be on the safe side. Once there his temperature went up and while Panadol helped, a chest X-ray revealed he had a chest infection, most likely pneumonia so the doctor recommended he be admitted for monitoring. He was also started on antibiotics as while pneumonia can be either viral or bacterial, it takes a few days to find out so everyone thought it was best to get going on  the antibiotics in case it did turn out to be bacterial. The hospital staff were really great and consulted Rory’s paediatrician in Sydney about his care. To make life easier on him they gave him oxygen overnight and he stayed on it most of yesterday as he was otherwise breathing a little too fast. While very disappointing to find ourselves in hospital, one good thing was that there was a big wrap-around deck around the hospital (in true Queenslander style). We could access it from our balcony so we sat outside on it for lots of yesterday. Rory was up for some playing and a few more naps than usual. He also found his appetite again. Thankfully Rory tolerated his prongs really well just occasionally whipping them out. It did mean he spent the night in bed with me as he rolls so much now that it was easy for him to get wrapped up in the oxygen tube. This morning Rory was back to his usual self and doing fine without oxygen so we were discharged by mid morning and free to get on with his birthday celebrations. He’ll stay on his antibiotics for three more days and we’ll hopefully get the result tomorrow as to whether it was a viral or bacterial bug. As luck would have it, we have an appointment with Rory’s respiratory specialist on Tuesday so can chat through the whole thing then.

All the Buckleys were delighted to see him back and blew up lots of balloons for him to play with. He also got some lovely gifts including some very trendy Converse runners.


After a nap it was time for some birthday cake which Aunty Mena gave him a taste of and dabbed on his cheeks! He liked it a lot and wasn’t impressed when it disappeared!

All in all its been a very eventful first holiday, first birthday and first year!! We’re now aiming for a bit of relaxing by the pool until we fly home on Monday. There is a video in production of Rory’s first year but the final edit was interrupted by our hospital stay… I’ll upload it once it’s ready for release!

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Rory – 9 Months corrected 

Rory is 9 months corrected today and of course has the big 1 year actual birthday coming up at the end of next week! Seems like a good time to stop using weeks in the title of these blog posts for fear of completely confusing everyone! I’ll try months corrected for a while and see how we go (technically you should correct up to 3 years of age)!

So we had a very busy weekend with the Buckleys around. Friday night with Rory tucked up in bed, we had dinner at Hurricanes ribs and steakhouse in Darling Harbour. 

Saturday evening Rory and I stayed home alone while the rest of the O’Driscolls and Buckleys headed off to support Australia in the Bledisloe Cup against the Kiwis and for a change Australia actually won!

Sunday morning we were all up early. Colman and Aine took part in the City to Surf. It’s the  largest fun run in the world with over 80,000 people running and walking the 14km distance from the city to finish at Bondi beach. It’s a real Sydney tradition and so it’s odd that Colman and I had never even been to the finish line before. There was a great atmosphere and Bondi looked its best in the sunshine. Colman and Aine both did great with Aine finishing in the top 25% for her age group only 12 minutes behind her uncle (who’s looking forward to entering a new age group next year!). We had some watermelon for the finishers which Rory enjoyed sucking on too. I’ve included a route map and by the way they weren’t fundraising for Running for Premmies but were asked to wear tops to try to recruit runners for next year’s half marathon.


After the run, we all had lunch with Rory trying out his new high chair cover. The visitors went to Luna Park for the afternoon and then Palm Beach (the location for Home & Away) on Monday before flying out to NZ on Tuesday. We’ll see them again in Port Douglas next Wednesday.


After the Buckleys flew out, the week quietened down dramatically! We were back to our usual coffee trips out in the morning and we made the best of the sunshine at home too. 

On Thursday we had a physio appointment. Rory took a nap beforehand playing peekaboo in the pram when he woke up. Unfortunately he wasn’t very happy at physio for some reason crying every time the physio or I evcouraged him to reach forward for a toy! Typically as soon as we got home and he had some milk he did a text book perfect move from “ring sitting” to “side sitting” and onto his tummy. While he’s got out of sitting to reach for toys before, it was more of a flop than a controlled move like this. I caught it on video when he did it for a second time.

Finally Rory would like to say a belated happy birthday for yesterday to his Aunty Frankie… He’s got a smile for someone with a fellow August birthday!


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Rory – 38 weeks corrected 

This really should be called the Buckley Blog this week as most of my photos are of those guys! We’ve had a fun week with them all and Rory’s been really enjoying hanging out with his cousins. On Tuesday we went to the zoo. The highlights were the bird show and the kangaroos. As the only true blue Aussie, Rory got up close and personal with a curious kangaroo who I think could smell a banana I had in my bag for his lunch!

The views from the zoo are always very photo-worthy and there are also always opportunities to get photographed with fake animals!


After Rory’s big 7kg weigh in on Wednesday we went to Coogee for a coffee and set the Buckleys off on the coastal walk to Bondi. Later Colman picked them up for their surf lesson back at Maroubra. 

After the surfing, they came back to ours to tell Rory about all the waves they’d caught!

On Thursday Rory had an appointment at the hospital for his last RSV jab for winter. As usual he did great getting the jab although was a bit tired later in the day. Colman took the visitors to the Blue Mountains and they had some nice sunny weather for the day. They visited Wentworth Falls and the Three Sisters.

That brings us to today. It’s a lovely sunny day and Rory enjoyed a little bit of time in the garden this morning. He was very curious about Colman and Cathal throwing a ball to each other and was practically bent double to figure out where the ball was going.

And finally this week, all the O’Driscolls in Australia would like to say a big happy birthday to Nana Phil for today! We’ll also wish Shona and Finn a very happy wedding anniversary… Hope you’re having fun in Scotland!


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Rory is 7kg!

A rather unexpected blog post today! I was trying to wean myself off weighing Rory weekly but then remembered that we had to weigh him today ahead of his RSV jab tomorrow (they calculate the dose based on his weight and phoning through his weight the day before shortens the process by 30 minutes). Anyway we weighed him and up popped 7.02kg, which is 200g in 8 days… A huge gain at this age! It also places Rory on the 1.9th centile which is funny after just cracking the 1st last week! Rory’s really enjoying having his cousins around and celebrated by playing with Cathal. 


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The Buckleys have landed!

The Buckleys landed bright and early this morning. Rory was a little confused to wake up and find so many people in the house but he was excited to meet his cousins and enjoyed trying on all the Aussie gear that Neil had brought to the airport for them.

They all settled into Shona, Finn & Maggie’s place in Botany, quickly finding the recline feature on the couches!


After some power naps and showers, we all met up for lunch at Maroubra beach.

After lunch, Rory and I headed home for his long nap. Sydney was really putting on a show for the visitors though with an unseasonably warm 25 degree day. They had a swim at Maroubra Rockpool with Neil being the only Aussie resident braving the 16 degrees water temperature. They then headed onto Clovelly and Bondi where they had another swim finishing up the day at what looks like a blustery Dover Heights taking in a view of the city. It was a really busy first day of what should be a fun holiday!


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Rory – 37 Weeks corrected

Rory weighed in this week at 6.80kg. The exciting thing about this figure is that it firmly places Rory on the 1st centile on the growth charts! He left hospital on the 0.1st centile and has been gaining on it since, hovering recently around 0.8 so while he’s still very small compared to his peers it’s nice to actually see him gain weight at a slightly faster rate than the general growth curves. Also at 6.8kg, Rory is almost ten times his birth weight of 685g! He continues to enjoy his food and is getting closer to eating food like us. This week he had his first bolognaise sauce and the ingredients were very similar to the same sauce I was making for Colman and I with one of the main differences being wine for us and fresh tomatoes for him! Rory seems to really gobble up tomatoey dishes.       Our weather has been much milder this week and it’s been very pleasant in the middle of the day so we’ve been sitting out in the garden for a while most days. Rory enjoys when I blow bubbles and watching them float away on the breeze. (By the way Irish people might be happy to see him sitting in the sun but I can assure Aussie viewers that he was moved back into the shade immediately after these pictures!)            As usual we’ve been working away on our physio homework! This week, we pulled out an old roll of carpet and had Rory sitting on it with the idea that he would learn to stabilise through his core and feet. Again the activity table is a good distraction.           We saw our physio again on Thursday and this week we’ll be putting Rory into this crawling-type position encouraging him to lift those knees up. We also have to keep encouraging the side sitting!    The reason Rory is in his pyjamas above is that he was just about to be stripped off to get into the pool. Kai was meant to be with us but unfortunately he’s got another cold so we were on our own. Colman took Rory in this time and they both enjoyed it. As usual he had some smiles for the two student physios with us.    Colman ducked his own head under the water a few times and then dunked Rory who actually seemed to enjoy it!     I’ll try to upload a video below of Colman and Rory in the water (not including the dunking!). It doesn’t have the usual high production values that you’ve come to expect from CCR films but I hope you’ll appreciate it nonetheless.  I also did have to trim it a little bit to allow it to be uploaded which means you miss out on a big smile at the end from Rory in the original.

Rory is hoping to spend a lot more time in the water when his Buckley cousins come to visit… He’s very excited about them landing on Sunday and then our holidays to Queensland in a couple of weeks. Swimming does leave him very tired though!

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Christmas in July 2015

This weekend last year was the very start of my bed rest with Rory. We were on a weekend away with Peter and Suzie and while the boys were out training for the Oxfam 100km walk, I lay on the couch ordering Suzie around the kitchen! So it seemed only fair to host Christmas in July this year. Michael and Kate joined us too.  I must confess though that with my Rory feeding duties, Colman did almost all of the cooking (I focused on starters and pudding for dessert)! He really cooked up a storm with two chickens on the BBQ and lots of roast veggies.

We ate dinner after Rory was tucked up in bed but while he was up he got really into the Christmas spirit! We pulled out his Christmas sock to see if we could recreate his photo from last Christmas and while he had room to spare last time, now he’s way too big!

He did enjoy all the rest of the Christmas paraphernalia though!

It was a fun evening and in true Christmas spirit we all ate way too much with generous servings of pudding tipping us all over the edge! Winter is definitely a better time of year to indulge like this!

Finally there’s also other celebrations this weekend with birthdays for both my mum & Liam! Rory says a big happy birthday and is looking forward to seeing you both in the second half of the year!

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